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Building Your ‘Unfair’ Advantage in Recruiting (Part 2): Engaging All Talent to Become Gr8 Hires

People are an increasingly a valuable source of sustainable competitive advantage for organizations characterized by three certainties – right talent, right time, right fit.

Every talent-acquisition professional wants these great people who will make a positive impact on the business. In our first series of this white paper we explored the employer brand and how to use it strategically with these four components to help build your unfair advantage in recruiting high-impact talent: define the brand, create “persona-based” workflows, curate and create marketing content, and amplify the brand.

Now let’s take a look at the next four recommended steps:

  • Develop, nurture and engage your talent communities. Top companies differentiate themselves based on the quality of their interaction with talent communities.
  • Automate your applicant experience. Ask company-specific and skill-specific screening questions to identify the best candidates, and streamline and customize notifications and online experience.
  • Fine-tune your marketing and hiring technology platform. Nothing’s easy. Identify integration headaches, inconsistent user experiences, and obstacles in telling the complete talent story.
  • Look back and plan forward. Develop metrics and analytics to identify key performance trends, and use that information to adjust future planning.

To learn more, download the full report by clicking here.

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