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Company Spotlight: Capgemini

Capgemini won the HRO Today Association EMEA award for being an innovator of phenomenal employee experiences. Here’s how they did it. 

By Zee Johnson 

Capgemini worked tirelessly to build a personalized experience that empowered all of their employees.  

The need for an outstanding experience came just as the company faced lingering pandemic-related issues, like cutting down on the time it took to advise remote and hybrid employees and meeting employees’ needs on an individual level.  

From this, the company’s ServiceNow “HR Service Delivery (HRSD) Gold Build Platform” was created. This market-leading HR management application enabled HR managers to address the individual needs of clients and employees, ultimately strengthening overall business value. It also improved the employee service experience by automating HR interactions and providing a single platform for all HR services.

The platform also: 

  • created more efficient HR workflows; 
  • increased employee satisfaction; 
  • increased HR productivity; and 
  • provided a consumer-grade people experience. 

Capgemini’s ability to build a customized HR experience that ensures the happiness of all earned them the HRO Today Association EMEA Award for Best in Class: Employee Experience and Retention. 

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