From personalised benefits to cultural and sports groups, Capgemini Portugal provides its workforce a one-of-a-kind experience.

By Maggie Mancini

Like many organisations of its kind, Capgemini Portugal has faced challenges in personalising its employee experience. Understanding its value, the company adopted an employee-centered approach. To start, the company personalised its benefits offerings, providing a variety of options to suit people’s individual circumstances. At the same time, the company adopted a “FLEX” programme, which allows a previously defined amount of salary to be allocated to a set of benefits that the employee can customise according to their preferences, needs, and tax benefits.  

Additionally, Capgemini Portugal began developing activities to suit their employees’ interests to create a healthy and motivating work environment. This included themed clubs, interest groups, and cultural and sports groups. Employees with common interests can join “The Club,” a self-organised initiative where employees can manage a budget and establish group activities.  

Given the challenges the world has been facing over the last several years, Capgemini Portugal wanted to reinforce its own beliefs and enhance its employee experience. In addition to its benefits and community offerings, the company invests in employee well-being programmes, actively engages with job candidates, and provides career development opportunities.  

Capgemini Portugal won the HRO Today Association’s EMEA Award for Best in Class: Employee Experience.  

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