Ardhi Luft Siregar, chief human resources officer at Manulife Business Processing Services, Inc., has implemented programmes to improve internal development and boost DEI initiatives.

By Maggie Mancini

As chief human resources officer at Manulife Business Processing Services, Inc., Ardhi Siregar executes the company’s people strategies with a focus on developing the next generation of leaders in the organisation. His contributions have led to the company’s highest business performance ever recorded, surpassing service level agreement (SLA) targets for all functions.  

Siregar has spearheaded numerous programmes at the organisation in recent years, including a new talent strategy and development plan, focused on the relationships that managers and directors form with the talent pool. In addition, he has implemented an attrition mitigation strategy that includes enhancements to onboarding procedures, training, compensation reviews, and alignment of customer service roles, which have seen the highest levels of attrition. Siregar also supports building a culture of continuous learning through learning opportunities and forums that allow employees to highlight milestones.  

Such efforts are developing employees and keeping them at the organisation. Siregar’s initiatives have led to a 36.7% internal development rate, significantly higher than the initial 25% target. The high potential talent development rate reached 120%, significantly higher than the 30% target. This number indicates both lateral movements and promotion within the year. 

Siregar’s programmes have also helped the company achieve its DEI targets, including women accounting for 63% of all employees and more than six hires with a neurological or physical disability.  

The HRO Today Association honored Siregar with the APAC Award for HR Leadership, Financial Services.  

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