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Nahla Azmi, head of talent acquisition in the Asia Pacific region for Infosys, spent the last year observing gaps in hiring processes for each country and worked on strategies to address them.

By Maggie Mancini

As the head of talent acquisition in the Asia Pacific region for Infosys, Nahla Azmi has enabled and streamlined the talent acquisition process across Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Over the past year, she has uncovered gaps in processes for each country and found ways to eliminate them.  

This proved to be challenging because each country has a unique dynamic with regulations, compliances, and internal procedures. It also required a great influencing strategy to key leaders and has been a major task to achieve over the last 12 months. Azmi has aligned staffing plans to fluid organisational growth plans over the last fiscal and current fiscal year. She has altered hiring workflows for each country to resolve gaps within each system and engaged with new markets in the region that Infosys has not been involved in previously.  

Azmi’s consistent effort and focus on collaboration, communication, and commitment has made the entire team achieve nearly 100% of its hiring targets overall in the APAC region, with 100% in Australia and New Zealand. She works with her teammates to understand and craft their personalised career development plans and creates an open workplace environment to keep the team comfortable when voicing their ideas and opinions.  

Under her leadership, Infosys saw the highest fulfillment in comparison to previous years, including 100% joiner fulfillment within the last four quarters. The company improved hiring from direct channels and reached 80% fulfillment through non-agency sources. The company also hired close to 90% of Visa-independent candidates, improved localisation strategy, and improved the candidate satisfaction index to 100%.  

Azmi won the HRO Today Association’s APAC Award for HR Excellence, Information Technology.  

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