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Total Talent: Unlocking the Full Potential of the Workforce

Total Talent: Unlocking the Full Potential of the WorkforceHow RPO and MSP Can Deliver More than the Sum of their Parts

“Total talent” strategy focuses on bringing the management of permanent employee talent acquisition and flexible workforce engagement under a single umbrella. It’s not a new idea, and it is more than a vision. For today’s smart organizations, total talent offers an established, practical approach for accessing a constantly evolving workforce.

Anamarie DeVito, Vice President of MSP Client Services for Sevenstep, stops by the HRO Today Educational Podcast to speak with our own Elliot Clark, about why total talent solutions are coming of age.

Listen in as Anamarie and Elliot explore the big issues that have turned total talent into a practical option for solving today’s toughest workforce challenges.

Note: At the time of recording Anamarie’s title was Executive Director of MSP Programs. She has since been promoted to her current title Vice President of MSP Client Services.

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