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All “Teched” Up + No Place to Go? A 3-Part Podcast Series with Korn Ferry

As the world continues to transform digitally following the global pandemic, the half-life of digital skills, staff shortages and access to top talent are slowing companies down in their ability to adapt and evolve competitively to technological advances. Failing to digitize your infrastructure presents challenges on both a global and local level.

That’s why the need for continual digital transformation is driven by and impacting the talent marketplace more than ever. In this 3-part podcast series, Elliot Clark sits down with Korn Ferry‘s Curtis Britt and Bridget Gray to discuss digital transformation and why it’s important to invest in your IT infrastructure.

Listen now to All “Teched” Up + No Place to Go? Investments in IT infrastructure Require the Right People to Succeed!

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HRO Today Educational Podcast Series – Episode 39: Orion Talent

HR and TA leaders understand the value of engaging with an RPO partner in order to find, attract, and attain today’s top talent. In fact, Nelson Hall reports that RPO can:

  • Decrease costs between 20-50%,
  • Improve time to hire rates between 10-33%,
  • And increase candidate engagement by 17%.

So how can organizations make the most from their engagements? Where does risk lie and how can they mitigate it? Cory Kruse, president of Orion Talent, shares tips for rooting out risk with Debbie Bolla in this new HRO Today podcast.

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HR as the White Swan, Season 4 – A Podcast Series on Building a Business Case for an Impactful R&R Program

A group of HR executives came together to guide organizations and their employees through the pandemic. Now, that group of ‘White Swan HR Leaders’ are utilizing their momentum to continue driving positive change in a post-COVID business world.

Just in time for organizations to establish their post-pandemic plans, Season 4 of “HR as the White Swan” focuses on establishing an impactful employee rewards and recognition program to continue engaging your workforce once normal business operations resume. Listen now as Elliot Clark and Madison SVP Judd Weisgal discuss where to start, program implementation, and measuring effectiveness and continuing development in this 9-part series, where every episode addresses a topic corresponding to the letters in “W-H-I-T-E S-W-A-N”.

Catch up on Season 1 before listening here.
Catch up on Season 2 before listening here.
Catch up on Season 3 before listening here.

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HRO Today Educational Podcast Series – Episode 38: CVS Health

In 2018, CVS Health merged with Aetna to complete the largest healthcare merger reported in U.S. history. At the center of it all was Jeffrey Lackey, vice president of talent acquisition for CVS, whose responsibilities grew from managing the company’s TA operations to overseeing the integration of two existing infrastructures into one.

A sitting board member of the HRO Today Association, Lackey shares firsthand insight into managing the integration of culture, operations, and data at this scale in our latest educational podcast.

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HRO Today Educational Podcast Series – Episode 35: CRI

Gearing Up for the SEC’s Mandate Change on Human Capital Reporting: What HR Needs to Know
featuring David Simmonds, Chairman of HCM Metrics, in partnership with CRI

In the past, publicly traded companies were required to disclose very little about their employees and workforce. But all that changed in 2020 when the SEC announced a mandate that added human capital resources as a closure topic. Metrics providing transparency around talent acquisition, retention, development, and more may become a standard in annual reporting.

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HRO Today Educational Podcast Series – Episode 34: Yoh

Total Talent in the Driver’s Seat: The Road to Workforce Recovery
featuring Michael DuBois, VP, Enterprise Sales – RPO, Yoh

Prior to the onset of COVID-19, a vast majority of companies were considering implementing a total talent approach for their organization’s talent acquisition strategy. However, since hiring took a major hit in 2020, companies were forced to cut budgets, layoff teams, and abandon strategic initiatives related to talent.

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