Editor’s Note: Look No Further

By Debbie Bolla

How many words did you find in the talent-themed word search on our cover? Six? Not bad. Eight? So close!

All 10 words might be as challenging to find as your next great hire, but I can guarantee this issue’s Talent Report is sure to help you in your search. These stories uncover ways organizations can differentiate themselves from their competitors, as well as attraction and workforce management approaches HR can leverage in order to hit their targets. For example:

In Culture Over Cool, CSG‘s Chief Human Resources Officer Christine Mellon shares how flexibility, continuous learning, and opportunities to collaborate are now trumping trendy perks like nap pods and unlimited snacks as preferred benefits of the workforce. In fact, a 2017 study by Kiwi Movers found that 86 percent of office workers feel that fun features add no specific value. Learn strategies to implement these sought-after benefits in order to build a culture that today’s employees seek.

Generation Z is about to hit the workforce -and in a big way. These younger tech-savvy workers bring a fresh perspective and a strong work ethic. In order to get the attention of Gen Z, organizations need to connect with their desires through a compelling and authentic EVP. CHRO Claudine Maccartney says American International Group Inc. (AIG)‘s attraction efforts include showcasing purpose and growth opportunities by incorporating “a very strong performance management culture that aligns an individual’s goals to the organization’s larger purpose.” Find out more in Here Comes Gen Z.

It was fun giving some clues on finding five of the words -enjoy searching through our Talent Report for the others!

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