Editor’s Note: Coaching HR Teams

HR has never worked in a vacuum. The organisations they serve have always been part of a wider industry sector and part of the wider world. HR has had to understand and adapt to this. The world offers opportunities, positive influences, and ideas, but it also brings challenges and hardships. Certainly, the past few years has seen the world in which business operators face a number of tough challenges, with unpredictable events raising the stakes for organisations wanting to recruit, retain, and look after talent. 

From finding organisation leaders to simply ensuring employees are OK, the role of HR in providing a safe, friendly, and productive environment has never been more important. It requires an understanding of the make-up of today’s workplace, a degree of sensitivity, and an understanding of current issues and the impact that can have on the lives of employees. It requires the organisation to be securely underpinned by strong policies and to be ready to uphold those policies whenever necessary. 

One message that comes over clearly from this is that HR cannot do it alone. Creating the right workplace means ensuring line management, leaders, and managers across the business are also aware of their role and ready to deliver the appropriate action. HR therefore has the role of facilitator and coach here, ensuring the organisation stays on track and delivers in every aspect. Indeed, it is that coaching role that ultimately lies behind HR’s leadership for the businesses they serve. 

Simon Kent

Tags: EMEA May June 2024

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