What’s Next for DEIB?

Gears are shifting, and DEIB professionals aren’t in as high demand as they were three years ago. What are the contributing factors and how can leaders turn this around? By…

Uphill From Here

HR executives report the majority of their priorities will be difficult to achieve in 2022. By Harry Osle, Franco Girimonte, and Tony DiRomualdo Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic began,…

Changing Expectations

New research shows what today’s employees want from work. By Debbie Bolla The changes in employees’ work experiences in 2020 is bound to shape how they approach their roles in…

Changes Ahead

As offices reopen and a hybrid workforce becomes the norm, a new set of challenges are arising.

By Jo Deal

The “future of work” and “return to office” have never been more top of mind than they are today. Organizations are faced with the impossible task of deciding how to meet everyone’s needs: those who want to work fully remotely, those who miss the office and amenities, and those who want a mix of both via a hybrid model. The true winners will be the organizations that create solutions that allow each of these groups to successfully find their new normal and thrive equally, no matter which group they are in.

Implementing a People-First Approach

Learn how Venus Soundararajan led an HR transformation for BFSL that puts people at the heart of strategy.

By Debbie Bolla

Building an employee-first culture is key to Venus Soundararajan’s human capital strategy for BOB Financial Solutions Limited (BFSL). The people-minded company culture is strengthened and reinforced by aligning initiatives to organisational values and goals. Soundararajan’s well-designed HR policies are always created with the employee at the forefront.

CEO’s Letter: “W”ells “T”he “F”argo and “Cultural Rot”

By Elliot H. Clark

I have been chided before by our editorial team for sinking my fangs into a provider here and there. I have rarely commented on the HR practitioner audience. Throughout 2020, there have been numerous important HR-related stories. But Wells Fargo is an HR story that has been broken up into fang-sized bites.

HRO Today

A Community Focus

Strategies to keep corporate giving and volunteerism a business imperative in a virtual environment.

By Angela Harrell

Over the past year, the ramifications of COVID-19 have forced people across the U.S. into a new way of living. Even now that the first wave of the pandemic has ebbed, there are local communities that continue to suffer in unimaginable ways. In response, mid- to large-sized companies are bolstering their corporate giving efforts to aid their communities’ revival.