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The pressure on TA leaders to drive success is greater than ever before. See how this year’s award finalists are getting ahead with innovative initiatives.

By Taylor Thompson

With SHRM reporting that 83 percent of HR professionals have faced challenges recruiting the right job candidates in the past year, it comes as no surprise that organizations are restructuring their talent acquisition departments with the hopes of seeing positive change. Gone are the days of job applicants working to gain the attention of potential employers. Instead, that focus has shifted onto the organizations themselves as HR and talent acquisition leaders drive initiatives to help them stand out among the crowd in a competitive job market.

When it comes to attracting top talent, a number of different approaches related to technology and the candidate experience have infiltrated the agenda. Whether it’s programs to increase employee engagement and retention or the implementation of applicant-focused software, the risks and challenges these individuals are overcoming deserve to be recognized. Luckily, our HRO Today Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards do just that.

Discover how this year’s Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Award finalists are using new technology-driven tactics and employee-centric initiatives to attract top talent and drive change in their companies’ recruitment efforts.

Click here to view this year’s Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Award finalists.

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