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Covering topics from AI to succession planning, the EMEA and APAC HRO Today Forum events provide a valuable opportunity to learn, share, and ultimately, succeed.

By Marta Chmielowicz

Automation. Globalization. Talent shortages. Regulatory compliance. Leadership development. Diversity and inclusion. Employee wellness. Data security. Workforce planning. Employee engagement. Change management. Outsourcing. Succession planning.

The list of challenges facing today’s HR professionals goes on and on. In these volatile, complex, and uncertain times, the rapidly transforming business landscape is forcing the world of HR to evolve its entire approach to talent management. And throughout all of these changes, HR executives remain accountable for two key functions: taking care of workers and adding business value.

How do they accomplish such a feat?

One word: teamwork. As the old proverb says, two heads are better than one -and what better way to inspire collaboration than to attend an event dedicated to the betterment of HR through best practice sharing?

That is the goal of this year’s HRO Today Forum in Amsterdam. As one of the most prestigious global HR conferences designed specifically for senior-level HR executives, the HRO Today Forum will inform, intrigue, and challenge attendees, encouraging them to engage with their peers in a unique and intimate setting.

Attendees will share their experiences and their perspectives. They will debate the best approaches to today’s hottest HR topics. They will network with experts, competitors, and peers alike. The result? An event where HR professionals can openly discuss -and overcome -their challenges through interactive problem-solving, guidance from industry experts, insights into the latest research, and best practice sharing. With a focus on real experiences and actionable advice, event attendees will return home with the knowledge they need to drive corporate strategy.

The prognosis from previous events has been positive. An attendee from last year’s Forum found “listening to my peers operating in different geographies was very enlightening and thought provoking” and enjoyed the informal environment that encouraged best practice sharing.

And this year, the event is slated to be even more engaging than ever before. Some key sessions to look forward to include:

Town Hall CHRO Panel Discussion

CHRO Panel
HRO Today EMEA Forum: Panel Discussion

Attendees will have the opportunity to tap into the minds of a highly prestigious and respected group of HR executives. With a focus on audience engagement and participation, the chosen CHROs will discuss their paths to success, their views on the latest HR trends, and their top priorities in the future. From talent retention to employee engagement, strategic delivery, and HR technology, no topic will be off-limits.

Best and Next: HR Table Topics

This session will provide a platform for event attendees to share their knowledge about the most timely and relevant challenges of HR. Moderated by industry experts, each table will be guided into a discussion about what’s working, what’s not, and what can be done to fix the problem. Attendees will walk away with concrete feedback from like-minded professionals and next steps they can implement to improve their organizations.

Artificial Intelligence Research Showcase

In recent years, artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning have dramatically disrupted the business world and HR has not escaped the transformation. HRO Today Forum attendees will hear data-based insights about the impact that this disruption has had -and will have -on the industry: how the technology has been adopted so far, the business effects of AI adoption, how the role of the recruiter is evolving, and more.

But this isn’t just an event for education -it’s also one for celebration. In addition to informative sessions, guests are invited to attend the HRO Today Awards Gala and the Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards Luncheon honoring their friends, colleagues, and the leaders who continue to break barriers and propel the industry forward.

Join us for the HRO Today EMEA Forum in Amsterdam on 5-7 November, 2018. For more information and to register, click here.


View the CHRO panel from last year’s HRO Today Forum EMEA.

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