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Lumeta Taps CheckPoint HR to Centralize Payroll and Benefits Processes

Lumeta , a network assurance solution provider for large enterprises and government agencies, has hired CheckPoint HR, LLC —an Administrative Service Organization (ASO) that provides small to mid-size organizations with an integrated Human Resource Management System (HRMS) for payroll services—to optimize payroll and improve employee health care benefits administration. Utilizing CheckPoint HR’s Web-based portal, Lumeta streamlined its payroll and benefits processes, reduced costs, and minimized the need for managerial assistance related to addressing human resource requests.

With a growing staff, Lumeta needed a centralized system to manage employee compensation and benefits administration processes. Lumeta wanted an HR provider that could offer a personal touch with a strong customer service team. In addition, Lumeta’s part-time HR Manager, Jeanne O’Connor, wanted to decrease costs, deliver better service to employees, and supplement her limited schedule.

“With our PEO, we felt as if were a small fish in a very big pond and had difficulty communicating,” O’Connor explained. “We wanted a company that was close to Lumeta, both in proximity and in understanding the needs of our small and growing business. From the beginning, CheckPoint HR was very hands-on and made us feel like the most valued and important customer.”

Lumeta experienced immediate results. CheckPoint HR’s flexible and robust tool set enables supervisors to quickly and easily retrieve, change and update employee information. O’Connor, who was new to payroll responsibilities at Lumeta, praised CheckPoint HR’s user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, which allowed for a smooth implementation within the first few weeks.

Employees quickly felt the benefits of round-the-clock availability, as well. “Our employees can now access critical information, such as setting up direct deposit and requesting vacation days, by simply logging onto the secure CheckPoint HR portal at any time from anywhere,” O’Connor explained. “Having these flexible online capabilities reduces unnecessary paperwork and managerial assistance and puts our employees in control of essential personal information.”
Lumeta also is working with The Wilshire Group, CheckPoint HR’s insurance affiliate, to optimize employee benefits administration. The Wilshire Group helps organizations search for the best benefits package and often renegotiates with existing health care carriers to optimize the costs and coverage. “With the rising costs of health care it is important that your insurance broker understands your business and your employees’ needs to ensure that they are delivering the most comprehensive plan,” said Patrick Carragher, CheckPoint HR partner.

“The Wilshire Group has worked very hard to determine the best plans for our employees,” O’Connor said. “Because CheckPoint HR and The Wilshire Group took the time to understand our company, they are able to deliver the most appropriate benefit packages. We have been able to provide our employees with the best medical and dental coverage at the most reasonable costs.”

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