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High Volume Hiring Strategies For Peak Season

Technology is getting candidates into seats faster and more efficiently.

By Tierney McAfee

With many organizations entering peak hiring season, technology can be a huge asset by making high volume talent acquisition more scalable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Automation is particularly useful during the early stages of the hiring process, allowing organizations to advertise for many positions and pre-qualify a large number of applicants with ease, says Adam Godson, vice president of global technology solutions for Cielo, a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner.

By leveraging technology, recruiting becomes “much more scalable and doesn’t require hundreds of workers to process,” Godson explains.

Cielo’s solution for high volume hiring is twofold: a powerful advertising engine reaches a broad audience quickly and pares down demanding application processes to attract more candidates.

Automation“Automation also allows us to be faster and more efficient, as candidates that are looking to make a move in a hot job market are often on and off the market very quickly,” Godson notes.

One mistake organizations make during peak season is to start advertising for jobs months ahead of an event, which can lead to wasted resources and employee fallout, as candidates who are hired early often take other jobs in the meantime.

“Using technology, we started advertising much closer to the event, but much more intensely, which meant lots of candidates coming through very close to the event to eliminate fallout,” Godson explains. “The advertising was more expensive, but in the end, it reduced costs because the fallout was so much less.”

Once the initial screening is complete, organizations will have a pool of more qualified applicants.

“We use technology to sort people and communicate with them, and people can orchestrate to process for the most qualified down the line,” Godson says.

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