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Looking to Amp Up Learning?

This roundup of corporate training and development services can help HR deliver what their workforce wants: continuous growth.

By The Editors

It’s 2019, and with the new year comes an opportunity to look back on business performance and begin planning the path to improved success. For many organizations, this means building a robust learning and development (L&D) program for employees and leaders alike.

Effective training improves retention, enhances organizational culture and engagement, and makes employees feel valued, supported, and empowered. In fact, according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 93 percent of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers.

Take, for example, millennials. “As the millennial workforce grows, their desire to join a company that invests in their development, growth, and learning potential is becoming even more important,” says Louisa Proctor, director of learning and development for HubSpot. “L&D teams have the opportunity to leverage technology and to create programming that becomes both talent attracting and helps drives retention. Millennials are more likely to join and leave companies based on how much they feel like they are invested in, and L&D plays a major role in that.”

But training programs don’t just benefit a company’s people; businesses also become better equipped to react to digital disruption, skills shortages, and competition in the recruitment marketplace.

How can organizations reap the benefits of a quality L&D strategy? By partnering with an external provider, HR leaders can co-create learning experiences that can transform their businesses and adapt in an era of constant change.

Here is a list of providers that can help you in the request for proposal process.

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