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Tackling Talent

Infosys has been able to hire and onboard the best talent by implementing foolproof, industry-leading strategies. 

By Zee Johnson 

Infosys set out to achieve some big goals that would lead them to the best-in-class candidates, and reevaluating their candidate and hiring manager experience and company processes were the first tasks to accomplish this. 

But their efforts were met with challenges—a shortage of skilled talent, heightened salary and benefits expectations, workplace flexibility requirements, and more. Yet, the recruitment team was able to hire more than 620 candidates and sustained a more than 90% join rate since April of 2022. 

The team attributes much of their success to both people and processes. By merging these two together, one winning recruitment strategy that was developed was hiring recent college graduates. The team collaborated to charter a massive plan around:  

  • hiring top talent by re-aligning their expectations; 
  • introducing a work-from-home model; 
  • onboarding candidates by doing visa transfers for the available talent in market; 
  • supporting staff through flexible working hours; and 
  • continuing to reach out to the passive candidates and fill critical roles. 

The organisation believes in creating an excellent journey for potential candidates so that they feel well supported and valued. And by strengthening the pipeline that connects the recruitment team to qualified potentials, Infosys has been able to acquire top candidates while cutting time, costs, and offer rejections.  

The company was named a “Globally Certified Top Employer” two years in a row by The Top Employer’s Institute and won the HRO Today Association’s APAC Award for Recruitment Team of the Year.  

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