Company Spotlight

Making Upgrades

SOC Prime Inc. leveraged their rapid growth and updated processes to make the candidate experience even better. 

By Zee Johnson 

SOC Prime Inc. saw rapid company growth within a short period time, 50% each year between 2020 and 2022, inspiring the people management team to transform the way the company recruited, onboarded, communicated, and more.  

To upgrade recruitment, the team overhauled their existing multi-step process that had several planned interviews for a process that could be done in just two-to-three steps, the third being optional. The first step was a resume screen to assess the candidate’s potential, and the second was an assessment of soft skills, corporate culture fit, and hard skills all in one. This new, shortened process was greatly received by candidates, as was their new and improved onboarding approach that gave new hires an opportunity to study independently, with individual mentors available if needed. New employees also had access to a dedicated e-library of knowledge with relevant information available no matter their location. 

By increasing focus on strategic HR initiatives and the implementation of innovation and effective processes, the company ultimately became more productive. 

SOC Prime Inc.’s people management team was awarded the HR Team of the Year at the HRO Today Association Awards EMEA. 

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