What’s Your Formula?

By Debbie Bolla

Is there a secret to employee engagement? That’s the question our cover story, Finding the Right Formula, is looking to answer. After speaking with a great roundup of experts, it seems that employee engagement is achievable, but the approach needs to be customized to organizational culture.

In recent issues, we have found out ways CHROs and thought leaders inspire their employees to do their best work.

Brian Little, head of HR for Zurich North America, implemented the initiative “Zurich Oxygen” to push the company’s engagement score to 72 percent. Organizational culture and investment in team leaders are driving forces.

“Managers need to understand what behaviors bring the out the best in our employees,” Little said. “Employees want to be a part of an ecosystem of delivery and understand that they all play a role in the overall success of the company. When employees are engaged and held accountable for their work, they will deliver what they are charged to do and then some.”

A people-first approach -one that mirrors the customer experience -helps Kronos achieve an 84 percent engagement rate, reported Chief People Officer David Almeda.

“We strive for that perfect intersection where the employee experience meets customer experience. That’s the point where engagement truly acts as a strategic weapon and becomes a direct contributor to better business outcomes,” said Almeda.

Through her years of research, Dr. Beverly Kaye, best-selling author and founder of Career Systems International, found that career opportunities, feeling valued, and a strong connection to management are a trio of proven strategies that help keep employees engaged. She will present additional ways to up the engagement game at this year’s HRO Today Forum in the National Harbor, Maryland, from April 30 to May 2.

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