On Your Agenda, On Our Agenda

By Debbie Bolla

Planning and preparation is in full swing for our annual HRO Today Forum – and if a certain workforce challenge is on your agenda as an HR leader, it’s likely on our agenda too. Incorporating AI tools into the recruitment process? Check. Bringing agility to human capital management? Check. Ways to leverage data for better decision-making? Check.

Employee engagement continues to be a hot-button topic, so it’s a good thing that Dr. Beverly Kaye, founder and chairwoman of Career Systems International, is returning to the stage as keynote. Kaye literally wrote the book -several actually -on employee engagement and strategies that work. She will be sharing how organizations can motivate employees to give more on the opening full day of the Forum.

Peer-to-peer learning has always been a key aspect of the Forum, and this year isn’t any different. The achievements of the participants in the “Driving Corporate Strategy” CHRO panel are downright impressive. Some include:

  • Reduced turnover to seven percent and improved internal mobility by five percent in two years.
  • Ensured there was any increase in out-of-pocket benefits costs for employees for three consecutive years while the annual average was a 6.5 percent increase.
  • Developed and retained employees during nine acquisitions.

There will much to learn from Jim Hazboun, vice president of human resources, Hyundai Capital; Christine Esckilsen, chief human capital officer, Piper Jaffray; Roger Gaston, senior vice president of human resources, Gates Corporation; and Julie Fletcher, chief talent officer, AMN Healthcare, Inc.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my one-on-one interview with Andrea Ledford, executive vice president, chief administration officer, and chief human resources officer for NCR. From a redesign of the onboarding process that has resulted in decreased first-year attrition to a new learning model that has increased time to productivity, Ledford and I will take a deep dive into what business practices are needed for the future. We’ll be talking everything HR and if you have a question that you want answered, email me at Debbie.Bolla@SharedXpertise.com.

Find out even more about the HRO Today Forum in the story Connecting the Dots. I hope to see you there!

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