HRO Today STA Update: Collaboration for HR

Sensitivity, confidentiality, and insight are all required of great HR leadership. However, the nature of most HR issues requires the utmost discretion. In perhaps no other role does the phrase “lonely at the top” describe the daily life as well as it does for the CHRO. There is no more daunting task than to help an organization get hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of employees all striving to achieve common goals and cultural precepts. However, where do HR leaders go for advice, support, or best practices? There are few answers to that question that come even close to the many choices available for other C-suite officers.

For that reason, one year ago, HRO Today and the Wharton Center for Human Resources combined forces in a landmark partnership to create the CHRO Today Executive Network (C-TEN).

The Wharton Center for HR has worked with HRO Today and the leadership of the C-TEN to address the pressing questions CHROs need to answer in order to be extraordinary in their jobs.

In short, the C-TEN offers its members numerous benefits superior to the other programs offered. From collaboration with other HR Leaders, to learning and setting standards and practices, HR executives truly have the opportunity to influence and impact the industry. Members can also experience monthly discussion topics, research, best practice sharing, and an annual retreat.

C-TEN successfully launched last year with inaugural members from companies across North America. In addition to C-TEN, our Talent Acquisition Leaders Executive Network Team (TALENT), a similar program for leaders in talent acquisition, also launched this time last year. For more information or to join the C-TEN or TALENT groups, please contact Renee Preston at renee.preston@sharedxpertise.com.

Of course, the global HR association continues to grow and we are just wrapping up a successful year in achieving 100 percent of our scheduled program work for this year. I’ll update you on metrics, accomplishments, and provide a preview of what to look for in 2019, including our provider certification program, in the next issue. In the meantime, visit our website at https://www.hrotoday.com/association to learn more and join the association.

Thank you and have a great holiday!

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