HRO Today Association Update: Going Strong

By Renée Preston

HRO Today‘s CHRO Today Executive Network (C-TEN) will soon celebrate its fourth anniversary. It’s been a rewarding journey to develop this unique community that caters to the needs of top HR leaders. The fact that our founding members have renewed their membership year after year and the group has experienced steady growth, even during a global pandemic, confirms that C-TEN is an important resource for senior HR leaders.

During a recent meeting, members shared their best practices on crisis management. Several important takeaways came out of the discussion, in particular the notion that effective crisis management requires the cooperation and coordination of many stakeholders within the organization, including teams from HR, legal, IT, finance, operations, and public relations.

Because crisis management is so important and impacts everyone in HR, I’m happy to share Ian Mitroff’s “Six-Step Crises Management Model” with you:

1. Detection: the creation of early warning systems.

2. Preparation: the systematic planning, preparation, and training for a crisis, including crisis management plans, business continuity plans, and disaster recovery plans.

3. Containment: the execution of the plans and processes developed during the preparation stage, and adapting to the unique circumstances of the current crisis.

4. Crisis recovery: the business returns back to normal operations.

5. No-fault learning: the review and assessment of the crisis management performance to extract key lessons learned without attributing blame.

6. Redesign: the integration of the learnings from the previous stage to evolve existing crisis management processes.

The HRO Today Association‘s monthly livestreams continue to offer opportunities to learn and share HR best practices, tools, trends, and technology. Different formats bring together industry experts to deliver insightful perspectives and meaningful takeaways that improve strategy and overall performance.

Calling all members! Shine a spotlight on a successful initiative or discuss how you conquered a challenging situation by presenting a livestream on our global stage. Choose the format and length that best suits your topic, as we know that everyone prefers different methods when it comes to learning. No matter what approach you choose, all livestreams are intended to be interactive and intimate so participants can ask questions, create meaningful connections, and walk away with new ideas and/or insights on the latest evolutions of tried-and-true practices.

If you’re not yet a member of the HRO Today Association, now is the perfect time to join. Please contact me for details. We can get you and your team set up and connected to helpful resources in no time. I look forward to seeing you on an upcoming livestream.

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