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This year’s HRO Today Forum EMEA looks to discuss HR’s most pressing issues and provide possible solutions.

By Taylor Thompson

As the list of challenges currently plaguing HR departments around the globe continues to grow, so do the number of debates being held to address the most efficient ways to overcome them. Whether it be the influx of technology changing the way HR recruits or the introduction of new ideas related to bettering the employee experience in the workplace, the industry is quickly evolving. But as new topics are introduced, new rules need to be written alongside them -leading the way for an open dialogue between experts in what has been coined “The Great HR Debate.”

That dialogue will continue this year at the HRO Today Forum EMEA, focusing specifically on solving present issues to achieve success in the future. And those issues range immensely. As the ever-prevalent war for top talent continues to rage on, HR needs to focus on and build employer brand and workplace relationships. So, what is HR doing to solve the challenges of the modern workplace?

Join the conversation, discover new ideas, and debate what can be done to overcome today’s top HR hurdles at the HRO Today Forum EMEA. Some highlights from this year’s programme are below.

One-On-One Interview with Pradeep Bhaskaran

Experience a deep-dive into Cognizant Technology Solutions‘ innovative structure directly from the man at the helm of its HR operations in EMEA. In this one-on-one interview with Pradeep Bhaskaran, head of HR for the organisation, he’ll recount his 12-year tenure with Cognizant, including the development of numerous sustainable programmes focused on health and wellbeing, employee assistance, and diversity and inclusion. Bhaskaran will also delve into what it takes to oversee HR operations in 46 countries across Europe, the Middle East, APAC, and Latin America whilst sharing insight on developments, challenges, and HR expansions he’s faced along the way.

Panel Discussion: Talent in Today’s Market

What are today’s biggest talent challenges and how can TA leaders solve them? These questions, on the minds of those in talent acquisition and HR on a daily basis, are the main topics up for discussion during this panel. Joined by top talent acquisition executives including Ingrid Kraaijbeek, HR director of HR operations for Bridgestone EMEA, and Kevin Blair, vice president of global talent acquisition for IBM, HRO Today‘s own Debbie Bolla will lead a conversation devoted to providing answers and insight into everyone’s greatest talent acquisition challenges.

Keynote Speaker: How to Attract, Engage, and Keep Talent Superstars

With today’s talent shortages, HR leaders are all wondering the same thing: How can their organisations stand out among competitors to recruit superstar employees? And once these individuals are on board, it’s just as important to consider strategies to ensure they will stay. In this session, Hélio Vogas of HV International will help answer these questions by providing simple yet effective ways to attract top talent that go past traditional approaches, whilst also introducing ideas to keep the current workforce motivated, engaged, and productive. Vogas will present several tactics that can immediately be implemented into current recruitment efforts.

You Are What They Think: Invest and Measure the Impact of Employer Branding

Is employee branding a high priority when discussing company goals? Now that the search for top talent is so difficult, candidates can essentially choose where they want to work -increasing the importance of employee branding more than ever before. But according to research from HRO Today and PeopleScout, 72 per cent of recruiters think employee branding is important but lack the resources and understanding to correctly measure it. Andrew Wilkinson of PeopleScout will walk through the findings straight from the report to examine how organisations can accurately measure the impact of their employee branding initiatives.

Keynote Speaker: Engage for Success with Nita Clarke

It has been 10 years since BIS authored its Engaging for Success report, focused on employee engagement and its potential benefits, and there’s no better time than now to to revisit it. Nita Clarke, director of the Involvement and Participation Association and co-author of the report, is set to reexamine how the findings and predictions from 2009 translate to the industry today, and if they still ring true. Whilst much progress has been made towards improving engagement in the workplace, a number of barriers still remain. But what are they and how can HR work to demolish them completely? Clarke will share her knowledge.

On top of the numerous educational sessions available for attendees, an array of other activities are set for this year’s Forum, including our 2019 Baker’s Dozen announcement for global RPO and a night out at the Jameson Distillery for the annual HRO Today magazine party. Top HR directors and TA executives in the EMEA region will also be recognised at the HRO Today Awards Gala and Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year Awards Luncheon, sponsored by Cielo.

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