Change is Good

By Debbie Bolla

Not in a million years did I ever think I’d have a virtual assistant at my fingertips to help me keep track of all my never-ending deadlines. Or that I would never need a paper map again. Or that I would plug in my son’s light-up shoes with a USB to charge them. But that is life today, and with technology, it’s only going to change more.

In this issue’s cover story, HRO Today‘s Associate Editor Marta Chmielowicz thoroughly examines how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will continue to impact the daily lives of HR executives and how they manage the workforce.

“The acceleration of automation, technology, and digitalization will reshape the future and the nature of work. Having said that, society will inevitably adjust to the changes being driven by the future technologies,” says Kristy Godbold, global human resources officer and senior vice president of talent acquisition, HR analytics, and global finance at Marriott International, Inc.

As adoption rates of AI continue to climb, learn strategies to leverage the technology for better business outcomes in Say Hello to Your Next Hire.

Managed service programs (MSP) are also evolving as workforce and demographics shift. Today’s programs include consultative services, predictive analytics, and increased flexibility to keep up with the growing contingent workforce, which now hovers around 45 percent. Learn more about MSP’s expanded offerings in Looking to the Future and see the 2018 Baker’s Dozen for MSP leaders.

Traditional performance reviews have been undergoing change at many companies, and aiding in this evolution is employee recognition. Leading organizations, like cyber security solutions provider McAfee, are mining data and metrics from their recognition dashboards to build a holistic view of employee performance. Find out how in Recognition Reviving the Review Process.

One thing that will not change: HRO Today helping HR leaders navigate all of the ever-changing workplace issues.

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