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Bits Don’t Byte: HR Finds Artificial Intelligence a Positive Evolution

Bits Don't Byte
HR Finds Artificial Intelligence

Over the last quarter century, advances in technology have dramatically impacted how business is conducted -and talent acquisition has not escaped the wave of transformation.

Initially, recruiters viewed job boards with trepidation, but a decade later, they were as tried and true as the newspaper ads that predated them. Social media followed, with LinkedIn becoming the dominant player for sourcing.

Now, recruiters are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to drive the latest evolution in talent acquisition and management. A tool already being employed by organizations for customer service and marketing, the role of AI will continue to evolve, bringing automation and standardization.

Recruiters must learn to leverage this technology or face being left behind by those that master it. What other implications does AI have on HR? Download the report below to find out.

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