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Worker Confidence Edges Up

Rising worker confidence still remains below pre-pandemic levels. By Larry Basinait While 2020 has ended, the COVID-19 pandemic that defined the year remained ever-present through the first quarter of 2021.…

Worker Confidence Index: First Quarter 2021

While 2020 has ended, the COVID-19 pandemic that defined it remained through the first quarter of 2021. But even with lasting effects from a turbulent year, the US economy continues…

A Tough Year for Worker Confidence

COVID-19 left its mark on employee sentiments around job security in 2020.

By Larry Basinait

As the rollercoaster of 2020 came to an end, the results of the Worker Confidence Index (WCI) followed suit. The year started with the U.S. unemployment rate reaching its lowest level in nearly 50 years while the stock market soared at an all-time high. But once the pandemic hit critical mass in March, the economy was plagued with job losses, high unemployment, and nationwide lockdowns.

Falling Downward

Worldwide employment rate staggers from COVID-19’s impact.

By Larry Basinait

2020 was a year like no other. The United Nations estimates that the coronavirus pandemic caused the equivalent of more than a quarter of a billion lost jobs. The UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO) found that a full 8.8% of global working hours were lost in 2020 compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. That is equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs—a number “approximately four times greater than the number lost during the 2009 global financial crisis,” the ILO said in a statement.

HR Tech Fares Well in 2020

The circumstances of COVID-19 are driving learning, virtual, and employee engagement technology investment.

By Larry Basinait

While the economy was slowed by COVID-19 in the fourth quarter of 2020, the development of new HR technologies continued at a rapid pace. In total, there were 127 major announcements—those with at least $1 million in funding—up substantially from the 77 announced in the third quarter of 2020.

Global Labor Market Report – Q4 2020

The United Nations estimates that the coronavirus pandemic caused the equivalent of more than a quarter of a billion to lose their jobs in 2020. The start of the year,…