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April 2023 Thought Leadership Section

Staying compliant is an ongoing and ever-important responsibility for organizations. In today’s work environment, workplace regulations are changing on a municipal, state, and federal level, creating a strong need for understanding new requirements to avert major consequences.

Companies can employ a number of tactics, like working with a subject matter expert/partner, to ensure a fair and secure workplace is created for all employees. Another way for organizations to oversee adherence to laws and regulations includes training programs on ever-changing regulations to remain as responsible and up to date as possible. And whichever avenue a company chooses, leaders must keep in mind that compliance is always less costly than non-compliance–$9.35 million cheaper, in fact.

Here, Alan Lasky, PsyD., senior vice president of sales for Universal Background Screening, explains how to avoid unnecessary obstacles  by doing compliance right the first time.

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These days, one major way companies have been stepping outside of the mundane recruitment box and into the future of talent attraction and acquisition is by introducing a total talent approach. Handling the recruitment process this way and utilizing all talent types from full-time to contingent, grants companies access to a bigger and better talent pool, all while strengthening their agility and flexibility. Here, Debra Timmerman, vice president, MSP solutions, direct sourcing, career transitions and executive coaching, for KellyOCG, shares how beneficial a total talent approach truly is and how, if employed correctly, it can sustain ongoing success for any organization.

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Subcultures are a natural and essential part of the workplace. These small communities of people help organizations put projects and programs into effect more skillfully in ways that use their unique shared talents and working habits while achieving a company’s end goals. Alyssa Thach, co-founder and CEO of Pierpoint International, discusses how these workplace tribes ultimately drive collaboration, productivity, and engagement and how leaders should support and develop them.

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