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 Immigration reforms usher in a new imperative.
By Alastair Watson
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. is a knowledge leader in the security industry and the most locally focused security company in the United States. With more than 450 local branch managers and more than 100,000 security officers, Securitas USA’s mission is to assist in protecting thousands of homes, workplaces, and communities by providing services including guards, patrols and inspections, access control, and specialized security services.
With an expansive network of branches in almost all 50 states, Securitas USA’s compliance team recently needed to quickly embrace new state immigration legislation changes that require employers to verify the work eligibility of new hires through the government’s E-Verify system. These new changes would not only add additional time and steps to the hiring process, but also presented compliance challenges in order to avoid stiff penalties.
Securitas USA sought a substantially automated program that would comply with the new regulations and allow for centralized reporting in the event of an audit. The solution would also have to be easily accessed by hundreds of hiring managers. In the best of scenarios, the new program would be configured to match processes already established and create a consistent, seamless experience.
Through an already strong business partnership with First Advantage, Securitas was presented with the idea of an I-9 solution (SAFEi9), which is fully integrated within ScreenDirect, the company’s existing background screening and substance abuse testing software solution. ScreenDirect is, in turn, integrated with Securitas USA’s existing applicant tracking system, allowing for a seamless flow of applicant data.
“Through our relationship, we became aware of an I-9 solution that was in the works at First Advantage,” said Peter Robbins, vice president of operation services. “Because it was already a part of our existing system, it took the pressure off management at a regional level and became just one more step they have to do in the hiring process.”
It was clear that the SAFEi9 system would meet Securitas USA’s criteria, as the solution fully automates the E-Verify submission process and digitizes the submitted credentialing documentation for storage, providing consistency and ease of reporting.
“The new legislation and differing compliance factors across states demanded we have a flexible and robust system to comply with the new laws,” said Robbins. “We’re confident we have a solution that can handle not only high volume and the ability to scale quickly, but also one that keeps us in compliance and provides the reporting we need in case of an audit.”
Real-World Results
The SAFEi9 solution was delivered and integrated with Securitas USA’s fully automated system within a month. Additional roll-outs are ongoing on a state-by-state basis, as new legislation is passed.
“It’s easy to understand and, once installed, becomes almost second nature for the hiring managers,” said Robbins. “We now know the I-9 process is being employed consistently across the country and, with our fully automated talent acquisition system in place, our offices are quieter and less chaotic. The successful combination of these technology solutions has worked well for us.”
Looking Ahead
As states, and potentially the federal government, continue to pass immigration legislation, Securitas USA’s compliance team now operates with confidence in their system and their reporting capabilities.
“First Advantage does a very good job of providing alerts based on pending immigration legislation,” said Robbins. “Once a state is identified, on average it takes only six to eight weeks to process, order equipment, complete the training webinars, and go live. That kind of turnaround is what is setting us apart from our competition.This system works day in and day out with no problems. Having one integrated solution from one company made the decision that much easier, and helped us solidify our relationship with First Advantage.” 
Alastair Watson is director of marketing for the employer services division of First Advantage.

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