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– Strong Execution of Goals Drives Companys Success –

Chicago, IL, May 17, 2005 Speaking recently on the CEO Perspective panel at the 2005 Staffing Industry Executive Forum to an audience of senior level staffing executives, Michael Miles, President of Staff Management, identified three strategies that have made the company the frontrunner in providing vendor-on-premise staffing and management solutions.
Staff Management, named the fastest growing staffing firm in the U.S. this year, has met its objective of 30-35 percent growth by outperforming the industry growth standard. Miles cited several economic indicators as the focus of Staff Managements strategy, maintaining that the staffing business depends upon wage rate increase, new job creation, and what he calls the penetration ratethe percentage of temporary workers employed at any time in the U.S. The penetration rate is critical to Staff Managements performance. When our clients have fluctuating staffing needs, we provide them with the temporary employees they requirequickly and efficiently, Miles said. That significantly drives business growth.
In its clients labor-intensive industries, Staff Management excels at providing manufacturers, call centers and distribution centers cost effective source-to-hire and on-site staffing services. Miles reported that key objectives driving Staff Managements success are simple and well-executed business paradigms:
  Become a best in class provider. Staff Managements customer retention rate is exceptionally high. Its on-premise offices provide customers with immediate, integrated services and complete oversight of recruiting, hiring, and day-to-day management. Miles noted that one way in which Staff Managements success can be measured is by the frequency with which its clients choose to hire the temporary workers the company provides for them.
  Invest in the sales process. A companys sales force is the window to its organization. It sets the standard not only for the volume of business coming through the door, but the quality of that business. By investing in training, management, and all other aspects of a sales team, companies lay the groundwork for outstanding client contact.
  Create more products in the HR field. The staffing industry is perfectly poised for great people, good systems, and the ability to process high-volume, low-impact transactions, Miles stated. By expanding toward broader solutions for contingent staffing strategies, companies can achieve higher growth rates.
With a 33 percent compounded annual growth rate over the last 16 years, Staff Management has demonstrated ongoing excellence in meeting the need for workforce outsourcing for high-volume client sites. Describing a changing marketplace, Miles projected that Staff Management is well positioned to expand along with the industrys accelerated growth.

About Staff Management
Staff Management is the pioneer of high volume, vendor-on-premise staffing solutions for the light industrial and call center sectors.  Major organizations across America rely on Staff Management for their expertise and leadership in the staffing industry.  These Fortune 500 companies consistently experience reduced labor costs, turnover, overtime and administrative burden as a result of Staff Managements unique ability to customize the optimal staffing solution for them. For more information, please visit www.staffmanagement.com or call (800) 746-9462.
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