superstarsOur annual roundup of the top leaders in HR.

By The Editors

Each year, the editorial staff of HRO Today culls a list of industry leaders that have demonstrated forward thinking and transformative actions in the field of HR. We understand the power of recognition: Research from McKinsey shows that praise was named a top motivator for performance. This is a good thing because 2015 will certainly have a bevy of challenges for HR with 62 percent of CEOs expecting hiring increases, according to a study from PwC.

Even more, we also understand that power of HR. What business sector is more responsible for managing and maintaining an organization’s most important asset—its talent—than HR?

Our 2014 Superstars Directory recognizes three categories of leadership since each has a significant impact on the success equation: Providers, Practitioners, and Advisors/ Analysts. Providers deliver the services that practitioners leverage, and advisors/analysts offer expertise and guidance. Superstars were nominated externally and by the HRO Today editorial staff.

Click here for the 2014 HRO Today Superstars Directory.

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