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Educating Through EVP

David Schubert shares Baptist Health South Florida’s strategies for building its talent community.

By Debbie Bolla

Employer branding. Employee value proposition (EVP). Artificial intelligence (AI). Diversity and inclusion (D&I). These buzzwords have been around the talent landscape for the last few years and are here to stay. So how can talent acquisition leaders get ahead in one of the tightest markets in years? David Schubert, assistant vice president of talent acquisition for Baptist Health South Florida, has some answers. In his role, he is the leader of hospital and outpatient recruitment for a $2-plus-billion health system with eight hospitals and more than 20 outpatient centers. Schubert has been in the recruiting industry for more than 20 years with success in contingent, corporate, international, and temporary recruitment and staffing.

Here he shares talent strategies that have led to organizational success.

HRO Today: How do you leverage your organization’s EVP and employer brand in the recruiting process?

Schubert: Our EVP is made up of five parts which, when combined, truly create a unique environment. Baptist Health South Florida is a community of people who care for one another and who help each other excel so that everyone achieves his or her personal best. At Baptist Health, we work together to create a level of quality that could only be accomplished with a dedicated, collaborative team.

We leverage our EVP and employer brand by promoting it during the recruiting process through our social platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and email marketing. This allows us to show the talent community members who eventually become our applicants the unique culture of Baptist Health South Florida.

We are constantly monitoring the real cultural experience by engaging in realistic job previews for each position in all departments. We know the employee experience is very personal to the unit and team leader, so we strive to align the EVP with those differences. In addition, this year we are in the process of auditing our EVP with a third-party organization to make sure we are truly representing the culture.

EVPFor potential employees, we begin with our employer brand to create awareness and to educate our audience on who Baptist Health is, and then start to introduce our EVP to further influence and compel our followers to apply. For example, we will share brand ads on Facebook when going into a new market or target audience, and we also retarget individuals who engaged with our content by sharing more information on Baptist Health, including our career advancement opportunities, work content, culture, and values. We also distribute EVP content on our social media channels to source new leads for the talent community, continue to grow our overall reach, and find the best candidates for Baptist Health South Florida.

HROT: In what ways does your recruiting process support your organization’s D&I strategy and goals?

Schubert: We are very blessed in the South Florida market to have an extremely diverse cultural blend of employees. That is not to say that we don’t have opportunities to improve in this area. It has allowed us to look more at the inclusion side of D&I. Our recent diversity and inclusion summit -with the majority of leadership in attendance -provided us an opportunity to educate leaders on how microaggressions can occur in the hiring process and how inclusive leadership, in all its forms, is vital to hiring the best talent for the organization. More content will be provided in the future, including roundtables with leaders, so they can understand and discuss the importance of inclusive leadership.

HROT: What new technologies have you implemented and seen improvements from?

Schubert: Recently, we implemented AI and automation through a tool that enables us to automate sourcing. By applying AI, it produces leads that are the best fit for our opening. It is too soon to tell if it will be predictive of behavior, but we are excited to modify our approach in real-time, 24/7.

HROT: How are you working to make the candidate experience a more customer-like experience?

Schubert: We are increasing our use of customer-friendly tools in our social marketing to attract talent to our talent community. For Facebook, we use lead-gen forms that facilitate leads to opt-in quickly and allow our recruiters to then contact them in a timely manner and engage in conversations about positions. In addition, the candidate experience needs to follow the unique EVP we are communicating to the community. So the work mentioned above on authenticity of the EVP is vitally important for the candidate and ultimately employee experience.

HROT: What is on your agenda for the rest of 2019?

Schubert: We are in a heavy growth and acquisition mode with a large expansion of very hard-to-fill niche positions as we expand our centers of excellence across the system. In addition, we are upgrading some of our technology solutions, especially in the areas of sourcing and converting leads to applicants to ultimately hires.


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Editor’s note: David Schubert is also a member of the Talent Acquisition Leader Executive Network Team (TALENT). For more information, visit our website.

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