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By Debbie Bolla

A large part of HRO Today‘s mission is to cover, share, and celebrate the incredible work that HR leaders and teams accomplish. One way we do this is through our CHRO of the Year and Talent Acquisition Leader of the Year annual awards programs. In Industry Innovators, we take a deep dive into some of the impressive initiatives of our 2017 HR Leaders of Distinction for EMEA. We recently wrapped our HRO Today Forum in Dublin where we announced the 2017 CHRO of the Year EMEA award winners. Each of these leaders is transforming not only the world of HR, but are also making a great impact on their employees, their communities, and their organizations.

Winner: Sustainable Workforce

Suresh Anubolu, CHRO for GVK Biosciences, implemented a new talent management process that allows associates to grow and develop must-have skills. Anubolu also developed a sought-after culture through a strategic recognition and communications program. During his tenure, the organization has grown revenue by 150 percent and the workforce by more than 40 percent.

Winner: Lifetime Achievement

As Corporate HR Executive Director for Atlantic Grupa, Mojca Domiter set up all new HR processes built around a new system aligned to culture and core values as the result of
a significant merger. Due to her success, when a new strategic program was announced, Domiter was named the program manager, the first time any HR leader had that kind of accolade. This was in recognition of her skill not only as an HR leader but also as a effective business partner capable of delivering bottom-line results.

Winner: For Profit

Oscar Gonzalez, human resources director for Azkoyen Group, successfully negotiated with labor unions to agree to a sweeping transformation, which reduced the number of job descriptions while actually increasing headcount. He developed clear goals
and recognition programs for all employees, which has increased both employee engagement and internal promotions. And perhaps most important, company profits have doubled during this time of transformation.

Winner: Innovation

When Group People Director Andrew Stephenson took over Lookers’ HR group, it
had no function other than to generate payments to recruiting agencies and issue
work release documents. Now it has been certified as a world-class HR organization
by the Top Employer Institute in the UK. The process involved an overhaul of internal recruitment, the creation of a CSR program, a new incentives and rewards program, and a standardization of culture across all dealerships.

Our awards nomination is now open for our 2018 CHRO of the Year Awards program. If you know an HR leader fitting this recognition, be sure to submit your nomination on http://www.hrotodayforum.com/.

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