An RPO thought leader explains why social networking is transformative, not transient.

By Sue Marks

Pinstripe, Inc. CEO Sue Marks delivered a presentation earlier this year on the topic of “Social Media for the CEO and Senior VP” at the annual summit of the Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation. An early adopter of Twitter (with some 5,000 followers), Marks has consistently advocated for media modernity in the pages of this magazine, and at our HRO Summits. She is insistent that social networking media offers a “burning platform” for the C-Suite.

Adoption of these tools, says Marks, offers “the potential to transform the way many companies conduct business today. And by conduct business, I mean listen to customers, shape their brand, advocate positions and see business opportunities before their competitors do. Still, too many C-level executives I speak with are waiting on the sidelines.” Marks graciously agreed to share highlights of her presentation with us, along with connective commentary. Readers, it’s time to log in.
—The Editors
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