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Greenbrier & Russel chooses TalentFusion as its RPO Partner

Boston, MA; March 15, 2005 – Greenbrier & Russel, a business technology services firm, has entered into a recruitment outsourcing contract with TalentFusion.

“As a business technology services firm, our core value is our expertise in our areas of focus – Enterprise Solutions, Business Intelligence, Advanced Technologies and Advisory Services,” said Eric Wasowicz, President of Greenbrier & Russel, “And while acquiring the best talent possible is a critical issue for us, managing the intricacies of the recruiting process can distract from our core competencies.”.”

Greenbrier & Russel chose TalentFusion as its recruitment partner based on the company’s track record of successful RPO implementations in mission-critical recruitment environments. TalentFusion’s ability to deliver world class results during beta trials with Greenbrier & Russel confirmed the company’s decision to enter a long term partnership.

“We enjoyed such high levels of recruitment performance and customer satisfaction during the pilot program that we felt compelled to proceed with a greater relationship”, said Patty Quist, Director of Corporate Recruiting for Greenbrier & Russel. “We have been very pleased with the immediate business benefits of the program and are excited about future synergies generated by our partnership with TalentFusion.”

“We could not be more pleased to have been selected by Greenbrier & Russel to provide selective RPO services to their world class IT services organization”, said David Pollard, President & CEO of TalentFusion ( www.talentfusion.com ). “Greenbrier & Russel is an ideal partner for TalentFusion as they understand the increasing value in an RPO relationship over the long haul.”

Greenbrier & Russel, Inc.

Greenbrier & Russel is a business technology services firm specializing in Business Intelligence, Advanced Technologies, Enterprise Solutions and Advisory Services, which includes program management, change management and technical training services. Founded more than 20 years ago in the Chicago area, the company also has locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Phoenix, as well as Appleton and Madison, Wisconsin. For more information, call (847) 706-4000. Or, visit the company’s website at www.gr.com.

TalentFusion, Inc.

TalentFusion is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing and HR Consulting firm that specializes in helping Fortune 2000 companies improve their strategic hiring process to drive business value and revenue growth. TalentFusion is based in Northampton, Massachusetts and can be reached at dpollard@talentfusion.com or at (413) 584-2552.


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