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Elegant Design and Total Talent

Linking the right questions with successful outcomes.

By Tierney McAfee

It’s not unusual for organizations to view total talent management as a simple combination of RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and MSP (Managed Service Provider) services. But forward-thinking organizations looking to succeed in today’s changing workforce recognize that this makeshift approach is not the answer.

A truly holistic approach to total talent management is far more nuanced and takes time and effort to implement. But organizations that adopt this strategy will reap the rewards: They’ll be able to attract the right talent, increase employee engagement and productivity, and effectively engage with their internal talent pool.

Deciding to embrace a true total talent solution is the first step. Next, talent acquisition leaders must ask themselves a few key questions to ensure that they are getting a properly designed total workforce solution based on an integrated strategy.

1. Are we ready?

“This is a massive undertaking so the first question TA leaders should ask themselves is as simple as, ‘Are we ready?,'” says Yates Baker, the vice president of client solutions at Sevenstep, a leading global outsourcing provider of RPO and MSP services. “And what I mean by that is: Is your organization – your HR and TA, your C-suite, your IT group, your procurement, and your leadership – all aligned on this change and the fact that they’ll have to work together to manage it?”

2. What kind of cultural changes will we have to make?

“The next question an organization should ask is, ‘Culturally, where are we on our journey? Are our employees ready for this? Is this drastically different than what our culture has been in the past?'” Baker says.

For example, if an organization still views its full time and contingent employees in silos, it will need to make some cultural changes before moving forward.

3. How do we choose the right service provider?

“Once an organization is ready, it’s critical to choose a provider that has experience with this space and more importantly is a culture match with your organization,” Baker says. “Too often, organizations choose a provider with the biggest name or the most reputable client list. But they often overlook, ‘What’s the culture of that company and does it really align to my organization?’ Culture is critical, especially when we’re talking about total talent solutions and having a partner that aligns with your vision, the business outcomes you want to achieve, and your growth strategy.”

Only after all of these questions have been carefully considered can an organization begin building a true total talent solution based on the needs of every employee. Adopting a total talent program is a journey, and it requires continuous commitment from every part of your business, from the C-suite to the front line. There are no miracle solutions, but in the end, the results will more than repay the investment -leaving you with a fully developed and holistic workforce that will support the growth and success of your company.

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