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Cutting Volume From Volume Recruitment – 7/24

New whitepaper outlines best practices to reduce costs in recruiting for frontline roles.
Companies looking to fill frontline sales, service, and support roles often waste time and budget sifting through countless unqualified applicants. To help organizations solve this problem, assessment specialist Talent Q has released a new whitepaper Finding Needles in the Haystack that explores the challenges of frontline recruitment and provides companies with a number of effective strategies to cut costs.
To screen out unqualified applicants, the white paper suggests companies use the following approaches: create an empirically-driven profile of the skills behavior, and characteristics needed for the role to be filled; be exceedingly honest about the role and your company before candidates apply; use objective assessments early in the process to eliminate unsuitable applicants; conduct competency-based interviews; and ensure that candidates are engaged throughout the process.
Problems often arise when companies use different hiring practices across different sites or business functions, leading to higher costs and lower quality people being hired. The whitepaper includes one example that showed that using online psychometric assessments to screen candidates at an early stage in the process can cut the cost per hire by 43 percent when compared to a more traditional CV screening process. Once companies install best practices such as this one, the paper asserts, their quality of hire will improve and staff turnover will decrease.
The report also stresses the two-way nature of recruitment; that it is both a hiring and rejection process. Employers must be sure not to alienate candidates and hurt their brand when it comes to future recruitment efforts.
The entire whitepaper can be found on Talent Q’s website here.

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