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Accurate Background, Inc. Announces Innovative Risk Mitigation Technology Product

R2 (Risk Reduction) Technology is an Automated Application Created to Reduce Discriminatory Lawsuits and Streamline Workflows.

Lake Forest, Calif., November 7, 2005 Accurate Background, Inc., a leading provider of global employment screening services, announced today its patent pending risk mitigation decision-making application called R2 Technology. R2 Technology aids corporate users with consistent hiring practices in addition to helping meet Federal and State compliance regulations. Looking to apply logic to screening reports, Accurate Background sought to design a rules-engine application which reduces a company’s liability, as well as the workload for the human resources and recruitment sectors by streamlining the review process of a candidate’s background report. Companies with multiple locations benefit from R2 Technology as it was created to eliminate any human error and personal bias across the board. R2 Technology meets FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) requirements, thus protecting the rights of candidates as well as clients.

"Our goal has always been to support our clients’ compliance needs. To that end, R2 Technology was created to offer another level of protection," says Dave Dickerson, president and CEO at Accurate Background. "We also offer best practices guidelines to assist with developing our clients’ risk mitigating criteria to facilitate compliance with local and federal laws regarding employment background checks."

The key benefits of the new R2 Technology include:

  • Helping companies meet FCRA and state regulations
  • Systematically review results of candidates’ background report
  • Stores threshold information by company and industry
  • Organizes results of report by "meets" and "doesn’t meet requirements"
  • Allows end user to define and fine tune their R2 Technology process

Dickerson notes, "While some companies offer employment scoring, R2 Technology is the most advanced, automated decision tree product on the market. Once R2 Technology is implemented, human interaction is greatly minimized."

About Accurate Background Inc.
Accurate Background Inc., based in Lake Forest, Calif., sets the standard as the background screening industry leader, exceeding clients’ expectations by providing customized solutions for growing U.S. and multi-national organizations. The company offers an array of innovative and cutting-edge background check and security research products to meet the needs of human resource, loss-prevention, and security/legal professionals in employment screening, vendor certification and fraud prevention.

To find out more about Accurate Background and its products, call (800) 784-3911 or visit the Company’s web site at www.accuratebackground.com.




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