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2011 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Managed Services Program

The rankings culled from the 2011 Baker’s Dozen managed services programs (MSP) and other services areas in HRO Today magazine are based on customer survey feedback data. The indices are the result of a multi-step process. The editorial staff of HRO Today identified the top MSP providers in the contingent labor market to be surveyed. Our survey and editorial team then contacted the providers and asked them to identify the contacts at customers they would wish to take part in the survey. In addition, using the HRO Today database we identify additional buyers to take part in the survey. Each survey respondent receives a survey instrument that asks questions about services provided, scope and scale of services, and the quality and satisfaction with the services.
The respondents provide their e-mail addresses for verification, but their responses are kept in strictest confidence. The information contained in the surveys, once collected, is loaded into the HRO Today database and analyzed to determine scores for each provider for whom we had a statistically significant sample. For this survey, HRO Today received sufficient information to index 15 providers based on feedback from 197 verified customers. The individual rankings are determined based on point assignments and weightings of questions and a predetermined algorithm that calculates the overall score based on breadth of service, size of programs offered, and quality of services. This algorithm does vary by HR outsourcing line of business but produces an overall index for each. While other rating services in MSP stress areas such as “spend under management,” HRO Today stresses “quality of service” as the most important dimension in overall ranking. This is consistent across all of our Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
The rankings and the weightings are determined statistically, and all the feedback is from customers. The ratings system is brought to you by HRO Today but is not the opinion of HRO Today or its staff. We only provide a methodology, and we do not claim that our methodology is the only ratings program available. We can, however, vouch for its validity.
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MSP Results 1
MSP Results 2
MSP Results 3
MSP Results 4

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