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This year’s superstars are transforming HR through innovation and agility.

By The Editors

We are living in an age of immense technological disruption. Digital transformation is a top concern in boardrooms across the world, with companies adopting new technologies to reinvent themselves, deliver more value to their customers, and remain relevant in today’s high-paced business climate. But to succeed, organisations need to transform at a more fundamental cultural level.

HR professionals across the globe are stepping up to meet the challenge. This year’s superstars have a proven track record of challenging the status quo, adopting experimental methods, and redefining the new normal for HR. But whilst technology is a major part of this puzzle, the leaders featured in these pages have never lost sight of their top priority: their people.

From leveraging AI to increase diversity across the organisation to improving the accessibility of learning and development tools, this roundup of leaders are staunch advocates for employees at all levels, spearheading the adoption of technology to improve the employee experience. With the help of smart technologies and a new wealth of data, these leaders create targeted employee engagement strategies, leverage workforce planning insights to enable more fluid and organic career paths, and break down silos to encourage a consistent workplace culture and experience. And that’s only the beginning.

Our roundup recognises three categories of leadership because each has a significant impact on the successful management of human capital: Providers, Practitioners, and Consultants/Advisors/Analysts/Academics/Investors/Thought Leaders. Superstars were nominated externally and by the HRO Today Global editorial staff.

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Consultants/Advisors/Analysts/Academics/Investors/Thought Leaders

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