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By Debbie Bolla

Technology has been and continues to be a big driver of change in all areas of business, and HR is no exception. HR technology has the ability to streamline processes, attract candidates, predict attrition, plan for the future workforce, and importantly, engage employees. But adoption rates vary across the globe, and a new study from ServiceNow, The New CHRO Agenda: Employee Experience Drives Business Value, finds that CHROs in Europe are slower to invest in platforms that improve the employee experience whilst HR leaders in the Asia-Pacific region are facing such fierce competition for talent, they have no choice but to up their game.

Some country-specific findings provide further insight into the regions:

  • Germany: CHROs are very satisfied with engagement (76 per cent) and 67 per cent report low turnover rates.
  • France: At 67 pe rcent, engagement is amongst the lowest in the region, which averages 71 per cent.
  • Italy: Eighty-four per cent of respondents say senior management views talent as a strategic priority, which may be a reason that 76 per cent of CHROs feel they have a role in overall corporate performance.
  • UK: Three years ago, the UK was the least focused on the employee experience at only 16 per cent. This has changed dramatically with 71 per cent of respondents reporting that their role as CHRO will be defined by an ability to create a digital, consumerised employee experience in the next three years.
  • Japan: Eighty-four per cent of CHROs say their work is more strategic, with 82 per cent citing that their CEO holds them accountable for the employee experience.
  • Australia and New Zealand: CHROs trail their regional peers with only 47 per cent of respondents reporting that HR is a driver of digital transformation.
  • Singapore: The digital experience is a priority, with 38 per cent of respondents reporting that making HR workflows more digital and efficient as an initiative.

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