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IBM Japan To Transform And Manage SANYO Electric’s Human Resources And Payroll Functions

IBM Japan today will transform and manage SANYO Electric Group’s HR and payroll functions under a new contract. It’s part of the client’s corporate reform project and follows an outsourced skills development contract signed last December.

Approximately 60 employees from SANYO Electric and SANYO Associate Support working in payroll and human resources will be transferred to IBM Japan Group. The service provider will standardize and centralize SANYO Electric’s HR and payroll operations, including staff and benefits administration, through IBM’s delivery centers located in Japan and Dalian, China.

This contract follows a skills development agreement which involved the transition of 40 SANYO Electric staff and SANYO Human Network to IBM Japan Group. IBM now trains the management personnel and management candidates, organizational operations personnel, and professional personnel previously trained by SANYO Electric and SANYO Human Network.

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