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Company Spotlight: Teletech

Teletech doubled down on their candidate experience during the pandemic, leading to successful talent acquisition and retention initiatives that helped position them as a leading organistion.

By Zee Johnson

During the pandemic, TeleTech completely overhauled their talent acquisition and retention approach, which led to great success in both areas. Whilst many companies were issuing lay-offs and placing a halt on hiring, TeleTech spent their time redeploying workers into different roles and opportunities within the organisation. This didn’t just save money, but it saved more than 3,000 jobs, sustaining their retention rates during and after this uncertain time.

The organisation also placed great focus on tech advancements that would help streamline their hiring and onboarding process. They implemented engaging and interactive gamified virtual assessments, as in-person contact was limited, and these new processes were so successful, that they became standard even after the pandemic slowed. Further, the company used tech to foster an engaging and inclusive environment by holding virtual activities and events to keep their team connected regardless of location.

The company’s leaders worked diligently to position themselves as a leader in talent acquisition and retention by implementing Louie, an AI tool that handled the entire onboarding process for them. This tool reminded employees of compliance requirements, schedules, daily goals to accomplish, and more, which alleviated managers of tedious tasks, allowing them to place more time and attention elsewhere.

All of these efforts led to the organisation’s recruitment classes increasing, even during the pandemic, with a steady class fill of 101% and an uncapped production fill of 111%.

By focusing on the overall candidate and employee experience, the company has won many awards, including the 2021 HRO Today Association Award for Recruitment Team of the Year.

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