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HR as the White Swan – A 9-part COVID-19 Podcast Series

Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are faced with a number of new challenges related to the management of their workforce in these unprecedented times. But while businesses face this black swan event, HR is the white swan prepared to counterbalance that negativity.

This 9-part podcast series, each corresponding to a letter in “White Swan”, features HRO Today‘s own Elliot Clark and Madison‘s Senior Vice President, Judd Weisgal, for topical discussions related to “HR as the White Swan”. Join us for tips on managing through the crisis, all while keeping your workforce connected and engaged.

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Podcast 1 (W): What is the essential role of recognition in a period of uncertainty and crisis?

Podcast 2 (H): Helping employees deal with disconnect. How to engage a remote workforce weekly, daily and hourly to maintain a corporate identity within a virtual environment?

Podcast 3 (I): Investing in non-traditional thinking for unprecedented events. What changes will survive beyond this global pandemic?

Podcast 4 (T): Technologies to combat the current crisis. Overcoming isolation and combating anxiety.

Podcast 5 (E): Effective communication and recognition. Celebrating every incremental win together.

Podcast 6 (S): Strengthening organizations despite upheaval; layoffs, illness and financial strain.

Podcast 7 (W): Why employ virtual meetings, virtual hang-outs and virtual fun? Strengthening teams remotely.

Podcast 8 (A): Adjusting current business objectives, sales goals and incentives.

Podcast 9 (N): Needing executive buy-in.

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