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Right Back At You! Understanding the Trend of Boomerang Employees

In the wake of the “Great Resignation,” some workers are finding their best option may be to return to a previous employer. According to LinkedIn data, in 2010, companies reported that 2% of hires were returning or became “boomerang” employees. Now, post-pandemic that number has increased to 4.5%. Boomerang employees are not a new phenomenon, but why have they been happening more and more frequently?

The latest HRO Today Educational Podcast hosted by HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark explores the boomerang hiring phenomenon with two leaders in the hiring field. Cathleen Beetel, Vice President, Global Client Services at Korn Ferry, and David Barr, Vice President, RPO Solutions APAC at Korn Ferry, and share their experiences and dive into the factors that lead to employees returning.

Listen to our latest episode as we discuss the benefits and potential risks of boomerang hiring.

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