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Making an (Appropriately Sized) Bang with A Talent Partner

Data has shown that there is a high level of success when implementing an outsourced talent solution, despite public perception that doing so is incredibly challenging. Most instances where a talent solution has not worked out can be traced to issue with implementation and governance of the process. How can companies not only choose the right provider for their needs, but help ensure that execution will be successful?

Sarah Keady, SVP for Operations in North America at Resources Solutions joins the HRO Today Educational Podcast to discuss the complex process of designing and implementing an RPO partnership. From setting realistic expectations during the roll out to managing a robust transition of responsibilities, Sarah and host Elliot Clark, CEO of HRO Today, explore the nuances of finding and developing the right RPO partner.

Listen to the latest episode of the HRO Today Educational Podcast Series, “Making an (Appropriately Sized) Bang with A Talent Partner.”

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