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Investing in the Best – Financial Benefits Beyond Salary to Attract and Retain Talent

Even with inflation cooling to 3% year over year, employees may still struggle to manage their budgets. While workers are asking for raises to track with cost of living increases, companies are also facing rising costs and tightening budgets. What strategies can help organizations become employers of choice in an uncertain economy?

On the latest episode of the HRO Today Educational Podcast Series, Cheryl King, Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer of Health Equity, sits down with Senior Vice President and Editorial Director of HRO Today Debbie Bolla to explore the additional benefits that companies can offer employees. From upskilling programs to robust health insurance policies, companies have options to provide benefits for their employees beyond a salary.

Listen in as Cheryl and Debbie discuss how organizations can use benefits programs to address the specific needs of their workforce and how tailoring supplemental benefits can increase employee satisfaction.

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