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HR Technology and AI – HR’s Truth or Dare Tech Moment – Part Two

With a wide array of HR technology available, integration and interoperability is the name of the game. While many HR leaders confess that their tech stack is insufficient, the flood of similar technology products makes it difficult to know which solutions will be worth the cost and the time it takes to get integrated. With so many questions in the air, HR leaders need to know the truth when it comes to HR technology.

Jill Goldstein, Global Managing Partner for Talent Transformation at IBM returns to the HRO Today Educational Podcast Series for the second part of her discussion with HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark. In the conclusion of the two-part series, Elliot and Jill discuss the truth about integrating HR technology and the state of HR infrastructure.

Listen in as Jill and Elliot explore the steps that HR leaders should take to fully integrate their platforms and how they can think proactively about new HR technology.

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