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HR Technology and AI – HR’s Truth or Dare Tech Moment – Part One

Technology is almost always a conundrum for HR, but it is a necessity if HR teams want to adapt to an ever-changing business environment.  The mass media and the HR trade media are awash with stories on artificial intelligence and the discussion about what it can do for business, the dangers it represents, and the possibility it will replace throngs of workers.  But is AI here to stay?

Jill Goldstein, Global Managing Partner for Talent Transformation at IBM joins HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark for the first of a two-part podcast series about HR technology. During this first podcast, Elliot and Jill discuss the daring frontier of artificial intelligence in HR.

Listen in as Jill and Elliot explore the important questions that HR leaders should be asking and answering as companies integrate AI into their systems.

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