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Healing the Workforce Strategies in Health Systems – How RPOs Can Help Health Systems with Workforce Planning

Quality of service is crucial in healthcare, but such a volatile economic and health environment makes it difficult to anticipate how many workers a healthcare system will need. Many healthcare leaders believe they have insufficient staff, but healthcare systems do not always have the infrastructure in-house to track recruitment data so that they can plan hiring strategies for the future.  Without analyzing that data, it is hard to determine the exact areas of shortage that need to be filled.

On the latest episode of the HRO Today Educational Podcast Series, Leora Westbrook, President of Workforce Optimization Solutions at AMN Healthcare, and Keith Bradley, President of Recruitment Process Outsourcing at AMN Healthcare, join host Elliot Clark, CEO of HRO Today to discuss recruitment processes in the healthcare space.

Listen in as Leora, Keith, and Elliot explore the importance of external partnerships in healthcare recruiting and discuss how health systems can properly vet potential RPO partners.

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