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Avoiding A “Fair Chance” of Employment Litigation

For years, California has had the Fair Chance Act which limited the ability of employers to use background screening information related to prior convictions in employment processes. On Oct. 1, 2023, a new amendment went into effect that expanded the protections and definitions of those parties covered by the Fair Chance Act. What does this mean for companies when they are hiring or changing their corporate structure and how can they be sure to comply with the new law?

Morgan Reynolds, Vice President of Risk/Legal Counsel for DISA Global Solutions, joins this episode of the HRO Today Educational Podcast Series to unpack the new amendment to California’s Fair Chance Act with HRO Today CEO Elliot Clark. From the expanded definition of “applicant” to the new regulations for both new hires and internal job shifting, Morgan and Elliot explore the effects of this legal change.

Listen in as Morgan and Elliot discuss the newly amended Fair Chance Act and think through how companies can react and adapt their hiring processes to remain in compliance.

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