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All “Teched” Up + No Place to Go? A 3-Part Podcast Series with Korn Ferry

As the world continues to transform digitally following the global pandemic, the half-life of digital skills, staff shortages and access to top talent are slowing companies down in their ability to adapt and evolve competitively to technological advances. Failing to digitize your infrastructure presents challenges on both a global and local level.

That’s why the need for continual digital transformation is driven by and impacting the talent marketplace more than ever. In this 3-part podcast series, Elliot Clark sits down with Korn Ferry‘s Curtis Britt and Bridget Gray to discuss digital transformation and why it’s important to invest in your IT infrastructure.

Listen now to All “Teched” Up + No Place to Go? Investments in IT infrastructure Require the Right People to Succeed!

Episode 1: Click to listen

Episode 2: Click to listen

Episode 3: Click to listen

This podcast series is sponsored by Korn Ferry. Click to visit their website to learn more about their service offerings.

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